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Platform advantage
Platform value
Amanbo International Station (Digital Trade Platform)

Amanbo International Station is a digital trade platform launched by Shenzhen Justice Network Technology Co., Ltd. after more than ten years of tempering, continuous iteration, landing, subversion and innovation.

The OSO three-dimensional digital marketing solution launched by Amanbo is committed to providing digital platforms and marketing services for enterprises to go overseas and land in overseas markets. Through the service mode of "platform + service + finance", the solution can help enterprises quickly understand and enter the market of African countries, easily break through the transaction barrier, quickly establish transaction trust, and expand cross-border wholesale and overseas warehouse distribution and other digital trade businesses.

Amanbo International Station also provides a wealth of localized marketing services, including logistics services, overseas warehouse services, collection and payment, exhibition hall services, exhibition services, advertising investment, channel development, local customer service and other services.

For enterprises that lack international trade and digital marketing teams, Amanbo also provides "fully managed" services for the whole process of business from selection to promotion, from logistics to payment, so that you can stay at home and easily go to sea!

Platform advantage

Digital Ecology

Support digital operation, transaction, management & service

Professional Service

More than 20 years of African trade and brand operation experience

Localized Marketing

Localized marketing support such as exhibition halls, overseas warehouses
AMANBO has many functions, such as advertising, online mall, trade negotiations, online ordering,
online buying, business information, secondary trading, stock trading, subscribe to push,
brand marketing, sample management, deal making, order management and so on.
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